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An image of wedding rings separating that represents Divorce services offered by EO Family Law

Divorce & Marital Dissolution

Our experienced Family Law Attorneys work with clients on a personal level to understand their unique circumstances and to best assist them in creating custom-tailored resolutions to their legal issues.  Some such issues include: 

  Marital Dissolution

– Separate Maintenance

– Physical and Legal Custody

–  Property Division

– Spousal Support


An image of a stick figure family that represents child custody and support services at EO Family Law

Child Custody & Child Support

Divorce, the dissolution of marriage, can create many challenges for families, especially when there are children involved. Our family law attorneys put decades of experience to work to help families transition through divorce in a holistic and child focused way.

  Preserving Parental Rights

 – Child Support Negotiation

 – Grandparent Visitation

–  Stepparent Adoption 

An image of a pen that represents post-divorce modifications.

Post-Divorce Modifications

Modification cases are post-divorce legal actions in which a parent seeks to make changes to a prior parenting agreement, child support award, and/or prior award of alimony.  Our Family Law team possesses the unique combination of education and experience to assist clients with their modification actions in furtherance of their children’s best interest.  The kind of modification actions our attorneys handle include:

– Child Support Modifications

– Alimony Modifications

– Visitation & Custody Modifications

Everything a family needs in Family Law Representation

  • Personal attention as a priority
  • A strong focus on children’s well-being
  • A holistic approach to building viable post-divorce family structures
  • An emphasis on preserving the financial health of families
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Contempt & Enforcement

When a judge makes a ruling, it binds the parties involved. However, if one party disregards court orders, a competent Family Law Attorney may be necessary to enforce the terms of an agreement or court-ordered ruling. The Attorneys at Fierer & Buerlein have decades of experience assisting families with competent, compassionate Family Law. Contact our Attorneys and find out how we provide compassionate, caring counsel for Families in Georgia.

An image of a shield that represents protection from family violence offered by EO Family Law.

Protection from Family Violence

Family violence is a serious and potentially life-threatening circumstance that often requires immediate legal action be taken to protect individuals, children, and their extended family members. Whether you have been the victim or family violence or have been accused of family violence, Fierer & Buerlein, LLC is prepared to assist you throughout this challenging and emotionally exhausting process.

An image of a stick figure person with multiple children that represents paternity and legitimation services.

Paternity & Legitimation

Whether you are a father who is being denied the right to see your child or a single mother who is struggling to raise a child with little or no support from the child’s biological father, a paternity action may be needed to rectify either of these situations. Fierer & Buerlein, LLC, can help you establish your legal rights in either of these situations.

An image of a scroll document that represents prenuptial agreements.

Prenuptial Agreements

These agreements are drafted before and after marriage to answer questions such as how property and assets may be divided if a divorce occurs. The hope is that the premarital or a postmarital agreement serves to answer any questions that may arise. Our firm drafts these agreements and also can look at an existing prenuptial agreement to see if it is valid in Georgia, another State, or in another Country.
An image of a family with young daughter learning to ride a bike.

How Fierer & Buerlein, LLC, Stands Out By Standing Up For Children In Family Law

Our attorneys enjoy helping families in times of conflict. We get to see individuals and families move forward, past divorce, and on to new ways of life. The law firm helps parents avoid bitter battles and maximize opportunities that go along with child custody and visitation arrangements. In spite of sadness over a divorce, many parents with child custody orders discover benefits of closer relationships with their children, made possible by more one-on-one time and regular schedules.

Child Custody Focused On Children’s Well-Being And Parent-Child Relationships

Of all aspects of a separation or divorce, child custody and visitation may have the greatest impact on the future. The outcome of a child custody case greatly affects parent-child relationships and overall family dynamics.

Attorneys of this law firm regularly take on guardian ad litem work, advocating for children’s rights. They are active in juvenile court advocacy work. In these cases and in child custody modification cases, the attorneys at Fierer & Buerlein, LLC, always keep children’s best interests in the forefront.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Experts

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is the procedure for settling disputes without litigation, such as arbitration, mediation, or negotiation. ADR procedures are usually less costly and more expeditious. They are increasingly being utilized in disputes that would otherwise result in litigation, including high-profile labor disputes, divorce actions, and personal injury claims.

One of the primary reasons parties may prefer ADR proceedings is that, unlike adversarial litigation, ADR procedures are often collaborative and allow the parties to understand each other’s positions. ADR also allows the parties to come up with more creative solutions that a court may not be legally allowed to impose.

Gillian Fierer is a trained mediator with vast experience.

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