Divorce And Family Law: Overcoming Misconceptions

Having a Hard Time understanding the divorce process?

Combating Myths About Divorce

Going through a divorce or resolving a child custody case often requires replacing myths with facts. At Fierer & Buerlein, LLC, in Atlanta, our attorneys have valuable insights to share.

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Myth #1

A divorce is simply a legal matter.

Fact: In the courtroom and in a final divorce decree, divorce may appear technical. However, nearly everyone who goes through a divorce also experiences it as an emotional process. The legal aspects are part of a life change that includes grieving and adaptation to life as a single person once again.

Myth #2

If you and your spouse agree on the terms of your divorce, you can hire one lawyer together to save time and money.

Fact: An attorney cannot represent both parties in a divorce. Furthermore, a truly uncontested divorce is extremely rare. You need legal counsel to address points of disagreement in the most reasonable and cost-effective way. A lawyer on your side can help you address important issues you would likely not be aware of otherwise.

Myth #3

If your spouse did something really wrong, like commit adultery, he or she is at fault and you can use that against him or her in the divorce.

Fact: Georgia is a no-fault divorce state. There is no need to spell out a reason for the court — and in general, a judge is not interested in why you are getting divorced.

Myth #4

Do-it-yourself divorce is a good way to save money and streamline the process of a marital dissolution.

Fact: Many people who try to do their own divorces hurt themselves and their children in the process. Lack of understanding of the law and the courts can lead to costly mistakes. It often takes more time and money for a lawyer to attempt to fix these mistakes than good representation from the start. Worse, some mistakes cannot be fixed. Property division can very rarely be modified once a divorce is final. You can lose out on marital assets that should rightfully be partially yours.

Having a lawyer doesn’t mean your divorce will be more complicated or time-consuming; rather, it means you will have someone representing your best interests. With an attorney from Fierer & Buerlein, LLC, on your side, you will be reassured of settlement-focused representation. Our lawyers take a holistic approach, working to limit conflict and encourage beneficial outcomes. Legal counsel will be tailored toward arriving at the best solutions for you and your family.

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